Industrial telemetry platform

Interfaces BOX2M industrial IoT devices or other vendors field devices

Interfaces other IoT / NMS as data source

Advanced management of energy, utilities and environment data

Custom processing rules for multiple sensors vendors

Reports in multiple formats with proprietary analytics builder facilitating KPI implementation

Alerts on multiple channels types with proprietary rules builder facilitating complex scenario alerting

API with 3PP software platforms

Has integrated its service operation center (for managed devices & connected sensors)

Can be sold independently, as OPEX only (yearly, recurrent, pricing being influenced by volume, sampling rate and scenario complexity); BOX2M will assist customer in choosing and validating the correspondent IoT device from other vendors

Sold as OPEX only (depending by volume, complexity, duration) together with

BOX2M MØ device

Enabler and component of

BOX2M Fluids audit
mobile cloud kit

of course, this is just a summary.

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