Device MØ

Industrial IoT device, with modular & configurable communication, firmware, and management software platform features

Can perform local data gathering by ModBus / RS485 directly from sensors field or indirectly by using protocols / signal converters (any vendor)

Can execute edge computing functions posing a firmware customised for energy & utilities field metering systems (sensors, analysers, debit and concentration calculators, etc.)

Can operate through GSM, LTE, GSM & LTE-M, LTE & LTE-M

Can operate with any IoT platform using MQTT

Delivered turn key: with external power supply and protection breaker; ready configured for customer scenario (subject of detailed analyse)

Price composed by equipment CAPEX, installation CAPEX (if required), firmware license CAPEX (1 license per connected circuit)

Delivery options (CAPEX, on request) include: cabinet design, materials & manufacturing, sensors & its associated cabling and connectors

of course, this is just a summary.

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