who are we?

We are a group of technology & experts who released an innovative IOT solution, after a long R&D program aiming to fix the customer problems using disruptive & non-invasive ways. Tipping point was the approach of legacy vendors proposing to customers expensive, closed and rigid solutions for monitoring and metering of telecom & energy infrastructures, making those dependant across lifecycle.

technology wise

we have 20+ years of expertize with electrical engineering, software development, mobile networks, embedded systems, OSS. We've managed in the past all range of activities, including continental scale operations, audit, integration, roll-out, R&D. We did work for technology vendors, global network operators, managed services providers and entrepreneurs across 3 continents.

business wise

we've accomplished in the last 8 years significant complexity & budget projects, including intrapreneurial type start-ups as establishment from scratch of operation centers, technical support units or new branches, transition & transformation programs or group / country scale implementations and regular entrepreneurial start-ups as software platforms development from scratch to exit.

innovation wise

we've been involved permanently during last years as consultants in multiple type of R&D programs, most focused on IOT, cloud computing, coding or IT service management processes improvement.

strategy wise

we prefered to talk first with our customers, indentifying the problems and needs, designing the concepts, validating those through working prototypes and than just launching the commercial solutions through pilot projects with top region or global customers. We have a tough R&D roadmap for the coming 3 years which aims to launch multiple solutions for the targeted customers and markets.

we look to be #1 when it is about industry 4.0 technologies for energy & utilities infrastructures.