Energy monitoring solution

Based on proprietary industrial IoT devices and SaaS platform, can address any customer type, scenario, size, complexity, location or diversity of energy agents used

Can deliver within any customer limitation (retrofit/greenfield/combined; mixture or energy / utilities agents used or field implementation requirements)

Designed flexible, securely opened, decentralised architecture, non / low invasive, rapid scalable

nonSCADA & nonBMS architecture, but can be integrated fast with any of these

Performs most of a regular SCADA energy dispatcher, with a 6-8 lower cost of ownership

A single implementation provides everything about consumption, quality, behavior, carbon footprint and cost of energy / utilities monitored and correlated environment parameters

Acts as an efficient one touch tool for energy bill decrease, lowering maintenance costs by automation, reducing carbo footprint and improving the manufacturing process

Integrates with any type of 3PP software platform vendor, on customer demand

Can be sold as CAPEX (equipment and installation) and OPEX (yearly recurrence for access and utilisation of telemetry platform; on demand associated mobile communication services)

Can be sold as OPEX only (depending by volume, complexity, duration, location)

of course, this is just a summary.

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