Electrical energy audit – mobile cloud kit

IP65 equipment suitcase & cable glands by ultrasound probes

Designed plug-in for any field scenarios, including HSE component (low voltage 400V AC connections are performed inside)

Can run metering and monitoring for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage (diverse voltage ranges), for all relevant energy parameters

Sampling rate, type of parameters and field communication are decided scenario based, after analyses performed together with customer

Can use existing on site current and voltage transducers or new installed ones for the audit scope only

Can be delivered with its low voltage transducers (100A-4000A scale, core split, 0.5% accuracy)

Does not require electrical energy distribution interruption on site; installed with specialised staff only; installation service can be provided on top

Equipped with smart power meter with 0.2% accuracy

Delivery includes reports “ready to download” from BOX2M telemetry platform; customer does not have to do anything more on the field after installing the wires

Customer has the full autonomy in changing the position (metered point by metered point) anytime

Can be sold as equipment (CAPEX), with 1 year of OPEX (access and utilisation of telemetry platform, and associated mobile communication services)

Can be rented (OPEX, monthly base)

of course, this is just a summary.

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